What is the difference between QuickBooks and Quicken?

Are you looking for a financial management tool that can provide you with the best features to keep the track of your financial stability? If so, then you can try any one of the two most popular names in the financial management sector that ensures to meet the expectations of the users. Interested in knowing about these two tools?

QuickBooks and Quicken are the two popular financial management tools that are used worldwide by most of the people. Both these tools come loaded with some amazing features which ensure in delivering the desired financial stability to the users.

Within no time, both of these tools have made a distinguished place in the market by impressing the users. But does that mean that both these tools are same to use? Well, not really. Both the tools are different to use and offer different benefits to the users. For being sure of this, you can contact the QuickBooks Support Number UK.

Difference between QuickBooks and Quicken:

Here are some of the points that specify the major and important differences in the two most popular financial management tools available in the market:

1. Introduction in the market:
Quicken was introduced in the market in the year 1983 and instantly became a hit amongst the users as it helped them to manage all their finance related needs. Compared to this, QuickBooks came in the market in the year 1998 and contained all the necessary and essential features that can impress the modern-day users. This tool was also accepted by the users with an open heart for their financial needs, even the complexed ones.

2.Types of users:
The major difference in these two financial management tools lies in the type of users that they targeted. To begin with, Quicken targeted the needs of individual users and it is also called as a personal financial management tool. It helps with the financial expenses of individual users in the best possible form. On the other hand, the QuickBooks is designed to handle and balance the financial needs of the small and medium-sized businesses. Thus, it can be said that QuickBooks is designed to handle the more complex financial needs of its users.

3. Supported operating system:
Both the financial management tools can operate with Windows and Mac operating system. Thus, they offer the maximum compatibility with the majority of the devices. So, simply forget all your financial worries and get any of the two financial tools for handling your financial needs in the best possible form.

4. Accounting capability:
Talking about the accounting capability that these financial management tool offer. Quicken can be used for single entry operations whereas QuickBooks can be used for all the double entry operations.

Final Verdict:

Both the financial management tools are easy to use and thus the users might feel confused to choose the right tool for them.

If you just want to keep a track of your personal expenses without any hassles or even if you have a small business then Quicken has got all the features for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more robust and detailed financial tool, then QuickBooks would make a perfect choice.

Consider all the parameters of both the tools before making the final decision and then choose wisely that one financial management tool that will do complete justice to your needs and requirements. For any more clarifications, reach to QuickBooks Support Number UK and get your issues resolved.


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